Saturday, 20 July 2019

Motivation-----------Focus-" Only on JOB"

                                      TARGET SHOULD ONLY GETTING A JOB


     Today  in this dynamic world its a big crisis for getting a job in our country like India. I am writing this blog basically for those candidate whose marks are not as per the mark in 10th or 12th standard,  marks only touches up to limited expectation. So what they should do after 12th? should they go for technology or for any basic degree course????????? My answer will be as following two ways :

     Firstly..if your family can afford the tech-education cost  then you must go for it because it will give you almost all job oriented eligible criteria.

      Secondly..but if your family can't afford this much cost then go for any basic degree course and prepare yourself for forthcoming from the end year of your course. Don't get panic, with this limited marks you can excel in your life.

      After graduation taking a good marks or not secured effective results, you have several govt. job will be in your hand e.g Staff Selection Commission, Banking Carrier, Union Public Service Commission, State  PSC etc.. You should target for this.

                     Because everything lies on how you are motivating yourself to get a good job and excel your future in a right way. Sometimes, not basically sometimes, actually most of the time you may face failure but learn from this failure and groom yourself in a smart way will definitely take you forward.

            In this article i can assure you if your thought process starts work from the beginning of your Grad standard, then effective struggle can make your LIFE very prosperous. Whatever you learn  during your course always keep in mind that Anyhow I have to get a job --that's all....

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