Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Top 10 CA of 7th Aug



   Guys you know that current affairs is how much is in today's competition. Everyday you need to  work upon it and for your success you should always keep updated . Here are the Top 10 CA of 7th August:

Top 10 Current Affairs of Today:

1. Great politician and ironical Indian lady and former Finance Minister Sushma Swaraj has passed        away yesterday.

2. Mohali gets its first 3D smart traffic signal -INTELIGHTS

3. German Cancer researcher Fiona Kolbinger  becomes first woman to win 4,000 km cycle racing.

4. IIT Delhi inaugurates new research center SeNSE( Center for Sensor Instrumentation & Cyber            Physical System).

5. NIIF to get funds up to $2 bn from Australian Super and Ontario Teachers.

6. Toni Morrison 1st African American Nobel laureate has passed away.

7. NSE and SGX get nod for joint proposal to invest in GIFT.

8. State Goa decided to amend country's old marriage law.

9. Today National Hand loom Day  is celebrated across the country.

10. British Petroleum and RIL has come up to to make a joint venture to retail fuel. RIL has taken            51% stake.

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