Monday, 16 March 2020

Top 10 CA of 16th Mar


  Hi guys it's a very good afternoon to all of you. As you know in this site i provide you daily Top 10 Current Affairs which are very relevant to your exams.So ere are the Top 10 CA of 16th Mar:

Top 10 Current Affairs of 16th Mar :

1. GST on mobile phones hiked to 18% from previous 12%. GST council on Saturday decided to increase its price from 1st Apr on finished products.

2. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has stepped down from his position in the organisation and willing to focus on philanthropic work related to global health, education and  climate related matter.

3. The small pacific island nation 'Niue' with just population of 1600 becomes the first country has received the designation 'Dark Sky Nation' recently.

4. Denmark based badminton player Viktor Axelsen finally won his maiden mens singles title at all England Badminton title.

5. Excise duty on fuels hiked by ₹3 per liter on petrol and diesel due to the recent tension between Russia and Saudi issue related to Covid-19.

6. PM Modi called for SAARC emergency fund . India has extended its valuable contribution up to $10 million (US).

7. The Chief Justice of India has ruled out the complete shut down of the supreme court and other courts and launched a virtual court that will hold trials in the top court, and it will be limited.

8. Yesterday i.e 15th March was observed as the 'World Consumer Right day'. The theme of the day in this year was' Sustainable Consumer'. The national consumer right day is celebrated on 24th Dec.

9. HIL India Ltd. and Union Bank of India has launched a 'Customer Payment Portal' in the capital of the country. The portal collects the payment from its customers of HIL through various online modes for faster and smoother collection of dues.

10. Recent UN Nation conference on trade and development has released a report on the effect of COVID-19 on global economy. India has taken 10th position. 

(Source: The Hindu)
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development recently released a report on the effect of COVID-19 on global economy. According to the report

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