Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Top 10 CA of 24th Mar


 Hi guys it's a lock down and silent morning to all of you. As you know in this site i provide you daily Top 10 Current Affairs which are very relevant to your knowledge. So here are the Top 10 CA of 24th Mar :

Top 10 Current Affairs of 24th Mar :

1. One day record high death listed due to Corona virus, up til 9 persons death come into the picture, almost 30 states and all union territories lockdown announced by the central govt.

2. AAP's  finance minister Manish Sisodia has presented ₹65,000 crore budget at the Delhi assembly on Monday. 23.8% spending allocated on education, approx 25% on health care and other basic health issue related schemes. This year extra 18.5% allocated in comparison to the previous budget.

3. According to the Economic Survey of Delhi 2019-20 estimated Delhi's per capita income 3times higher than the national average income. According to it is to be ₹3,89,143 in 2019-20.

4. Reliance Industries Limited has announced it has started to set up India's first dedicated COVID-19 hospital in Mumbai where there will be special quarantine facilities, availability of additional testing kits and capacities to produce 1 lakh face masks per day.

5. Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday sworn in as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for the fourth term. He has dethrone Kamal Nath.

6. Although there is another 122 days to go for starting the big sporting event 'Olympic' in Japan, recently Canada and  Australia have withdrawn their name from it. It is is the first time in 124 year Olympic history such incident happened due to such novel virus .

7.  National Martyr's day has celebrated on 23rd March. That day also renowned as Shaheed Diwas due to the tribute to freedom fighters Bhagat Singh , Rajguru and Sukhdev.

8. Indian Institute of Delhi's researchers team has developed a method to detect COVID-19 which can significantly reduce the test costing, making it affordable to the large sections.

9. Veteran Tamil movie director Meenakshisundaram Ramasamy Viswanathan  has passed away at the age of 74 on 22nd March in Chennai. He directed Samsaram Adhu Minsaaram one such hit movie.

10. Every year on 24th March is observed as ' World Tuberculosis Day' by World Health Org(WHO). This year the theme is 'It's time to end the TB'.

(Source: The Hindu)
World Tuberculosis Day

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