Friday, 29 May 2020

Top 10 CA of 29th May


    Hi guys it's another beautiful morning to all of you. As you know in this site i provide you daily Top 10 Current Affairs, are very relevant to your exams. So here are the Top 10 CA of 29th May :

Top 10 Current Affairs of 29th May :

1. Centre reviewed critical situation particularly in 13 regions hard by the COVID-19. Yesterday country has recorded 7227 fresh cases and 175 new death cases.

2. A new species of fresh water fish called 'Punitus Sanctus' was found in small water body near Tamil Nadu. Reports said that it belongs to the family of Cyprindae. 

3. The Principal Scientific Advisor of Central Govt. K.Vijay Ragahvan said on Thursday that the novel Corona virus  vaccine being developed in India will likely begin to be tested in people in October 2020.

4. Lawyers from Haryana have challenged in Supreme Court  for a new law which makes 'Hindi' the official language in courts in the very state.

5. World Vape day is celebrated on 30th May all over the world to increase awareness on e-cigarettes and help smokers that are unable to quit smoking.

6. Tech giant Google is eyeing to purchase a minor stake (5%) in British Telecom group Vodafone-Idea group in future.

7. According to governments official data the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has risen 13% to a record of $49.97 billion in the 2019-20 financial year including Singapore is the top source source in the inflows.

8. Much waited the '36th National Game', scheduled for upcoming Oct-Nov in Goa has postponed indefinitely due to pandemic COVID-19.

9. International day of United Nation Peacekeepers is celebrated every year on 29th May by the UN. This year the theme is 'Women in Peacekeeping : A key to Peace'.

10. UP government has come up with an unique project named 'Herbal Road project'. Under this project the govt is to plant trees that have some medical values on either side of the roads.

                                                                                                                               (Source: The Hindu)

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